Software Updates

All software update requires an active chart pack subscription. 

Before installing the latest version of the software uninstall the old version first, otherwise there could be a conflict and the new version will not work. 

Installing a new version of the program will NOT remove any of the routes, waypoints etc. that have been created by the software


Windows 10 Version



 MAY 2024 Version of SeaTrak

Correction to pick up all tidal diamonds


 7th MAY2024 Download

MAY 2024 version of EasyCharts




7th MAY 2024 Download
System Files

When running SeaTrak or EasyCharts it reports a missing DLL it might be necessary

to download and install missing system files. The EXE file is called vcedist.exe.

On download select save and then run the file.

It will bring up a dialog accept the terms and conditions. 

n/a Download



ARCS Versions


SeaTrak ARCS


Contact Meridian for details of latest version

n/a Download