Coast Watch


Software to monitor AIS equipped vessels around you, with the ability to overlay AIS data and Range Rings onto a nautical chart

Coast Watch is a vessel monitoring program, it plots AIS targets on a range of electronic charts allowing the data to be monitored and recorded. The latest version of Coast Watch also allows the user to overlay tidal streams and monitor tidal hight.

For full details the Coast Watch brochure can be downloaded here

A screenshot of the program in operation can be seen by clicking here

Please note that this software does not included electronic charts, these can be purchased from the Chart Packs section.



AIS Targets

The AIS Target can be annotated with MMSI or Vessel Name (If available). It is also possible to display
the country of registration of the vessel.
The application keeps a record of all AIS targets identified so names can be quicly allocated to a
Each Target can be displayed with a heading line, rate of turn indicator and predictor line based on
speed and heading.
When the dimension of the vessel are provided as part of the AIS string the shape of the vessel can
be displayed when the background chart is at an appropiate scale.
The colour of the target can be configured to indicate if a vessel is moored, carrying a hazardous
cargo or is of a particular type (e.g. Fishing Vessel).
An individual vessel can be selected and all the AIS information of the vessel can be displayed.
Alarms can be set so warnings can be displayed, e.g. if a vessel moves inside or outside a particular
area. International boundary lines and other limits can be imported into the software via a text file.


The software can log data to a local or network drive in various formats.
The raw data files are logged in files based on date and time so can be easily
archived and retreived quickly.
If the logged data is in raw format, i.e. direct from the AIS receiver the data can be
replayed in case of a particular instance needs investigation.
Logging formats can be set up so the application can generate daily / weekly /
monthly reports in a Log Book style.

Electronic Charts

AIS targets and other information can be
displayed on a Raster Chart of the area at a
suitable scale.
Electronic Charts can be Admiralty ARCS charts,
Georeference images e.g. GeoTiff or Norcom
can supply charts from its eChart service.
The application can capture screen images to a
file or printer.

Product Features
  • Decodes Class A, Class B and SAR messages
  • RS232, USB or Ethernet Connection
  • Overlay AIS Targets on Raster Charts
  • Logging of data in various of formats
  • Ability to establish alarms
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
What's Included?
  • Coast Watch software suplied on USB memory stick or CD rom
  • Chart plotter for both passage planning and navigation
  • 12 months technical support 
  • 12 months tidal data including ports and streams
  • Downloadable Software updates
System Requirements
The following specification is the minimum required to run the software.

  • PC or Laptop running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • 1Ghz processor or above
  • 1Gb RAM (Windows XP) or 2Gb RAM (Windows Vista / 7 or 8)
  • 2Gb hard disk space
  • NMEA AIS Feed.
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